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A professional, clean looking website can be the difference between having a good business and great one. At Slate Web Design, we offer custom-made websites, unique logo design, and digital marketing services at an affordable price.
Custom websites, unique logo design, and digital marketing services at an affordable price.
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Free Consultation

We discuss all aspects of a new site with the client before beginning our design process. During development, we give our clients the opportunity to periodically view their site, allowing them to recommend any changes that need to be made. Schedule a free consultation to get started today!

Our Services

Website Development

We design modern, responsive and unique websites that are sure to spark your business. We provide everything needed to get your new website up and running.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, much of marketing for businesses of all sizes occurs on social media. Social media platforms provide a unique way for marketers to connect with potential customers.

Content Writing

Often, our customers have neglected to modernize their site due to a lack of content. Our professional writers can generate custom tailored content, ensuring it is optimized for rankings.


Having a beautifully designed new website means nothing if people can’t find it. We offer search engine optimization services that are sure to boost your sites traffic and rankings.

Brand Design

First impressions mean everything. A logo represents the identity of your business. Our design team creates stunning logos that are unique, clean, and memorable.


An infographic helps to engage customers and increase sales. We can create custom infographics, a catchy way to grab the attention of your potential customer and increase user retention.

Audience Analytics

How many people visited your site? Which pages did they enjoy? Which did they leave? We provide easy-to-read audience analytics data, allowing you take take your business up a notch.

Email Marketing

A professional email address can immediately enhance your business’s reputation. We can provide you with a custom business email like the following: [email protected].
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Mobile Optimized Web Design

We design all of our websites to be responsive, meaning the content will fit to whatever size screen you are viewing it on. This includes phones, tablets, and computers, making it easy to connect with customers on every device.

Recent Work

Our projects Typically include:

Website Development

Brand Design

SEO & Analytics

Social Media Marketing

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